EurAupair provides flexible, affordable and culturally enriching child care for your family.  We bring to the United States bright and responsible au pairs from a variety of countries and have the largest pool of au pairs from France.

EurAupair invites today's busy parents to consider a different child care alternative: welcoming a young person from another country into your family as an au pair! The rewards that EurAupair families have discovered have made this child care option increasingly popular in the United States.

EurAupair is one of the oldest, largest and most trusted au pair organizations in the United States with 25 years of experience.  EurAupair is a U.S. not-for-profit, public benefit organization founded to improve understanding among people of different countries through cultural exchange.  Through its network of affiliated overseas offices, EurAupair screens young people who want to become au pairs.

How can an au pair help you balance your work and your family life? An au pair offers busy parents a much-needed extra pair of hands. Experienced and carefully screened, our au pairs provide in-home child care for up to 45 hours a week. Flexible, in-home child care allows schedules easily adaptable to your needs (evenings, weekends, snow days, sick days). All EurAupair au pairs have valid driver’s licenses – so assisting with after school activities is not a problem! They prepare your children’s meals, do the children’s laundry and can help with light housework. Because your au pair is considered a part of your family, leaving your children in your au pair's care becomes natural for your children and minimizes the worries you as a parent may have about their caregiver.

FACC members will get their application fee waived and a $600 discount when placing with an au pair.

Contact us at 800-333-3804 ext. 2 or visit where you can already start viewing examples of available au pairs.