International Career Development Programs

The French-American Chamber of Commerce has helped prepare thousands of international young professionals and students for a future in the global economy through our International Career Development Program (ICDP).

We first opened our doors to exchange programs 45 years ago under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (the Fulbright-Hays Act), bringing young French professionals to train in American subsidiaries of French companies under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Intern/Trainee programs.  Since then, we have expanded our services to offer a range of exciting options for professional and student exchange, including our CareerConnect internship/job board and our reciprocal American Outbound program to sponsor Americans to train in France.
ICDP further supports cultural exchange and international career advancement through a long-standing partnership with Business France, providing J-1 visas to eligible European citizens to participate in internship and training programs as French Volunteers for International Experiences (VIE).  Our U.S.-based sponsor training program has benefited more than 66,000 young French men and women since 1983.  Similarly, through a partnership with the “Office Français de l ’Immigration et l’Intégration (OFII), we have facilitated training opportunities for Americans in France since 1992 in industries that include banking, media, journalism and architecture.

All J-1 Visa sponsorships are processed through the FACC-NY office, however Exchange Visitor Interns and Trainees can be placed in companies throughout the United States. Click to learn more about eligibiliity and applications. 

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