FACC WDC Trade Services

The French-American Chamber of Commerce DC Chapter (FACC) now provides a variety of tailor-made trade services.  

The FACC can help you in various aspects of your business needs from field research to business set-up, from networking and event planning to business development. Please note that your company will need to be a FACC member to benefit from our trade services.  

Our 4 easy step approach is designed for your success: get ready, get settled, get recognized, and get bigger!

Field Research and Set-up

Through its experience and knowledge of the local business culture, the FACC can provide practical information on the current economic situation, areas for strong growth, as well as local professional and cultural practices.Our team will respond to your e-mail and telephone requests as fast as possible.

We will also assist you in your business set-up by identifying barriers that could potentially affect you such as immigration, taxes, visas, etc. thanks in great part to referrals by our local expert members, peer-to-peer meeting, sales and marketing plans, and business plan development.


Advice from Local Experts (FACC Members)

You will be put in contact with our members who are experts in their domain. They can provide you with valuable contacts as well as answer any questions you may have i.e. legal, financial, taxes or other.
Give us a call to schedule a meeting with one of our FACC representatives! Included in your FACC Membership.


Translation Services

Have your business plan structured, written, reviewed and/or translated (from French into English and from English into French), review the English version of your website, or create better marketing tools: the FACC has a wide array of members companies that will provide comprehensive services.

We can also arrange interpretation and simultaneous translations during your visits (sales visits, business trips, conventions/seminars, etc.)
Cost upon request - get a free quote today!



Are you planning to develop your brand, your presence and assure your company’s sales promotion? The French-American Chamber of Commerce provides solutions and custom-made services to help you succeed in your communication campaigns:

  •    Build or reinforce the exposure of your company in the US
  •    Announce the launch of a new product/service on the US market
  •    Support your distributors’ activity


Direct Marketing

Upon request, we provide custom-made services for your specific needs: direct marketing, telemarketing, mailing (contact research and introduction, appointment setting, promotion). This service can be complemented by advice on your sales pitch, call flow, and relevant marketing literature for that purpose. Write to/Call us to discuss your current needs.


Referral to Marketing Communication Agencies

FACC will introduce you to marketing, communications, advertising, and PR agencies, which specialize in your specific requirements (cross-cultural communication, Start-ups, etc.). Included in your FACC Membership.


VAT Refund

American company? Get a VAT Refund on business expenses generated while on business in Europe. Available by request.


We can relay your job descriptions and conduct interviews with potential candidates: please check out our Employment Offers page.

Domiciliation Services

In order to facilitate or speed up the set-up of your company, the French-American Chamber of Commerce provides the following services:

  • Mailbox: US$75 per month (6-month contract minimum) 

    Use of the FACC mailbox, twice-a-week rerouting mail, same day notifications.

  • Virtual Office: US$ 375 per month 

    Mailbox services, landline with forwarded calls, answering machine in English, fax, and email

  • Virtual Office with a telephone answering service (5-hour package): US$ 375+ US$ 300 per month

    Mailbox services, landline with forwarded calls, answering machine in English, fax, and email 

  • Office space rental: $ 100 / Half- Day; US $200 / Day; US$ 600 / Week; US 1800 $ / Month .

Development and Business Expansion

FACC has a long history of significant business support. Tap into our experience, we can be a valuable resource in your business development needs: finding local contacts, promotion of your company’s products and services, visas, support and personalized follow up, etc. A FACC representative will accompany you and offer direction and advice throughout your sales visits. This can be particularly helpful for first-time business visits.

From US$ 400/per Day



FACC Event Sponsoring

Get more exposure by publishing your logo on event posters, leaflets, and invitations, on the FACC Website, or by being mentioned during FACC events. We also provide the opportunity to exhibit/give tasting and samples of your products (Software, wines and spirits, food, etc)
From US$ 500/per FACC event
Your Dedicated Event

We can lead any event for you: conferences, panel discussions, dinners, Gala evening, Experts round table, etc…
Only require logistic support? We will find logistic solutions which are convenient for you (hotel, flight, dinner, business appointments, evenings, visits, etc.).
We can find the perfect location, organize the communication (invitation, phone follow-ups, etc).
You can also hire us to work on the content and the format of the event.
From US$700/ for logistics and 20% of the event’s spendings.



General Information: please feel free to contact us via e-mail regarding questions on US visas. Included in your FACC Membership.

Obtaining a J-1 Visa

Are you willing to host a European as part of the "J1 Young Professional Interns" program? FACC, in cooperation with FACC New York, will be happy to help you through this process, through its sister organization, the FACC New York.
FACC service fees apply.

For any services not listed above, we can also introduce you to trusted partners, depending on your
needs: FDA registration, local NGOs and institutions, government offices, etc.

We are dedicated to assist you, if there are other services that you feel will be beneficial, please
contact us and we will consider adding them.