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How do you provide knowledge workers with the key sets of skills they need to excel in the 21st Century high-tech work environment? Hint: specialized training to optimize employee collaboration and engagement


Jean-Francois Orsini, Ph.D. President and Chief Instructor


4110 Fessenden St. NW - Washington DC- 202-686-849



Teaching a collaborative attitude especially to geographically dispersed individuals ( isolated high talent personel - supply chain members – foreign JVs and subsidiaries employees) so that self-managing teams may be set up with the skills, talents and efforts of each member compounded not arithmetically but geometrically.

Pin-Stripe, LLC ( (SBA/CCR registered) teaches:

- online (communicating individually or to groups through emails and chat rooms with website support).

- supported by a web-based site (not the Pin-Stripe site) which supplies the mechanics of the course for data uploads, tutorials and presentations displays, downloads and computerized “rounds” processing.

- a business course which includes all functions of business management, including Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, R&D, HR.

- which is a simulation course (participants make decisions on virtual corporations),

- an experiential course: students learn by doing, demonstrated as the best pedagogy for adult learners.

- where participants are divided into teams and have specific responsibilities within their individual teams. - composed of 6 “rounds”. At each round, teams are analyzing their situation and make decisions (which they upload on the website) to modify variables for their products, expenses, etc, based on their analyses of these situations and in view of their pre-defined strategic plans. The professor processes the round; the computer crunches the number and provides the results which is the starting point for the following round.

- the course is taught over a period of 8 weeks; students spend between 2 and 8 hours a week completing the assignments.  The teams’ questions and requests for assistance are answered within hours, all week long, including evenings and week-ends.

The course’s benefits:

- wide breadth of subjects covered:  the course has been called a mini-MBA as it allows to review all the areas of business: It offers a refresher course on basic business decisions, or teachings the fundamentals of business…but particularly shows the interconnection of all business functions on which depends the success of a business/operation.

- teach decision making under uncertainty. Since the other teams make hidden decisions which will impact on the success of the other teams, each team has no way to know how the competition will make counter decisions in any following “round”, even though an “intelligence officer” (one of the participants) has the function to try and guess the strategy of the other teams - promote team work.

– participants quickly discover that they cannot do all the assignments on their own and that they need to come to an agreement with their team leader on the distribution of functional and product responsibilities and leadership style.

- promote strategic planning as nothing happens that is not conceived and formulated into a coherent plan that has to be proactively pursued.

- promote leadership on the part of the team president but also of team members who are for the first time so close to the number one decision-maker in a corporate-like setting (virtual or not) and can look over his/her shoulder and criticize the leadership style and its effectiveness.

- promote entrepreneurship and/or for executives to be self-starters: in spite of the complexity of the decisions matrix and of the depth of these decisions, most participants “get the hang of it” and decide that it is not that difficult to control all the elements of the management of a business, or project.

- participants of this demanding course are known to bond extremely well (all the more powerful that they do not meet in person). The course can be offered as a means to better bond an existing team, such as offered by the training of a service like “Outward Bound”, with the exception that the skills learned are much more transferable to the common needs of managers. Thus the course is offered for post Mergers and Acquisition integration where two companies have to design and agree on the structure of the resulting merged company; “cultural” issues need often be addressed before a smooth merger can be completed which requires mutual understanding and appreciation between participants which the course provides through the bonding process.

- participants learn all the fine points of Communications through electronic means to complete a project task, including how to evaluate the other participants’ personalities, managerial skills and acumen and attitudes, a most useful skill for the new age of mobility and tele-work..and the increasing use of collaborative tools for better communications.

Who should take the course:

The course has been taught at the high school level as well as to Fortune 50 top executives. In tennis, the ball, the court and the rules are the same for all: beginners or world champions. Similarly the course can be taken by participants from a broad range of backgrounds and responsibility levels. The issue is really who, within and organization, could benefit the organization as a whole. The answer depends on the needs of the organization. Either homogeneous or heterogeneous teams can be taught. Top management; a department that needs to work more tightly; two – or more - groups that need to better interact such as those at the ends of a Supply Chain. (their locations on the globe is irrelevant for an internet course), departments at different national or international locations, etc.

The software and website support come from a third party company and is the most popular in the field. The company has been in business for over 20 years. It provides the course to General Motors, General Electric (700 students per year), Honeywell, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Goldman Sachs, Citibank etc. 400 universities are teaching this course. Several hundreds of thousands of university students have taken the course. Pin-Stripe LLC has been approved to seek its own students and client organizations and to lease the course from the company.


Dr. Orsini is the lead instructor. He has taught the course for 5 years through 39 sessions at Strayer University. He has 30 years of varied educational and business experience. He graduated from one of the top French business schools, ESCP, the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris. He was born in Vietnam and grew up in Morocco. He holds an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School and a Ph.D. in Management Science and Strategic Planning also from the Wharton School. He is the chairman of the Wharton School Club of Washington DC (

Other instructors would be available to meet additional demand.


“I was a student [.], and it was a very very demanding course, requiring a lot of study and group involvement. I am a Branch Chief, Acquisition Division, GSA, FSS, and this course helped me see the value of working together in a group. The accomplishments that can be made when everyone comes together for a mission was a real eye-opener. Your guidance and support in this class was very much appreciated”

“Senior Seminar would be a great asset to Government and Private industry. This class is a training tool that allows Employees the opportunity to practice, make mistake and learn, how to strategically plan to ensure all areas of business including finance, human resources, services, products and delivery are successfully managed. The Employees would assimilate the operations of running a successful business allowing them to transfer their gained knowledge over to the real business world and becoming productive valuable assets to their company. The class teaches you to think and make the best decisions based on a number of different things, your competition, your customer, and your products, services and inventory. If you're interested in doing good business I would advise using the Professors Class as one of your tools of training, it really works. After taking the course my Manager, The Deputy Program Manager for our Contract complimented me on how much more involved I have become with helping to turn around our business operations department and I attribute it to taking Senior Seminar”.


$1,300 per person for the first 20 persons (minimum 12 persons per session)
$1,000 per person beyond 20 persons (max. 40 persons per session).

FACC MEMBERS BENEFIT FROM A 15% DISCOUNT ($1,105 and $850) upon presentation of the Programme Privileges card.

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